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RONGWIN has factory mainly make laser cutting machine, press brake and shearing machine manufacturing. In order to provide one complete solution for our customer’s requirement for sheet metal fabrication equipment, we also can supply related sheet metal fabricating machinery.

Our Advantage

1)RONGWIN can provide you one-stop service and solution for your requirement of sheet metal fabrication equipment. 2)We never give up innovation. Quality is our culture.Service with trust. Develop with Service.3)We promise provide best price and service to support WIN-WIN cooperation. 4)THREE Years warranty for the machines. Lifelong maintenance.5)We promise you get prompt reply . Our service time is all in 7x24 hours a week .

  • Mission & Vision
    Mission & Vision

    Mission: We should excelling in the production of machines for sheet metal processing to strict product quality control and provide Immediate and qualified after-sales service to all of our customers around the world .We know maintaining a continuing and sustainable competitive requires the non-stop productions of highest-quality products that are delivered to our customers on time. We should established a perfect and mature marketing service system with modern management method . We should offer distinctive and innovative metal processing solution for enhanced all of our customer’s satisfaction and confidence ,and don’t work with envelopes or with templates -every project is unique. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients,and proud of our long history of repeat clients. We never give up innovation .Quality is our culture . Service with trust ,Develop with service . Vision: We help our clients realize all the benefits of distinctive and innovative metal processing solution. We hope all of our clients is satisfied and confident our quality and presales and after-sales service .We know in heart only provide quality product and service can make us go future. We hope our machines and tools can export to more than 100 countries and can establish deep cooperation with more than 50 machine dealers and distributor in near future. Undoubtedly we must provide best price and service to support WIN-WIN Cooperation.

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  • Strategy

          Promise to our customer-oriented sheet metal procession solutions we can offer real added value and an international  metal processing service and leading in technology ---Provide complete custom made system solution for primary global metal processing markets meeting ---Build the International brand through our metal processing solution ,service and outstanding quality . ---- Build the base for a profitable and sustainable company with our operational excellence We want success and know what’s the key to success. -----We are following a common global strategy ,we want become a global sheet metal processing solution supplier. -----Our people keep five key programs designed to make us successful.  ----We know our success focus lies on customer orientation, innovative power and quality leadership ,Immediate and qualified service.

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  • Why Choose Us
    Why Choose Us

    HISTORY From 1982,The leading's family start the metal working industry business Start importing and exporting business from 2009. SOLUTION Professional metal processing solution for customer around the world. More than  10 accessory factories , OEM and ODM acceptable INTERNATIONAL Our machine and parts export to more  than 70 countries.Southeast Asia, Russia, America, North America, Africa,Middle  East,etc AGENT More than 10 directly agent around the  world,whole sellers,retailers etc WARRANTY  THREE years warranty for the machines. Lifelong maintenance. SERVICE We promise you get prompt reply.Our  service time is  all in 7x24 hours a week

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hot products

RONGWIN specialized in Laser Cutting Machine ,Press brake and shearing machine manufacturing. In order to provide one complete solution for our customer’s requirement for sheet metal fabrication equipment, we also supply related sheet metal fabricating machinery ,tools and blade.

  • Ironworker Q35Y Series Hydraulic Hole Punching Machine for Metal and Steel

    Rongwin Hydraulic ironworkers machine has multiple functions, including: round hole, square hole, rectangular hole punching; steel plate, flat steel, angle steel, C-groove, H-shaped steel punching; steel plate bending; angle steel shearing, notching and bending; Flat, round, square bar, C-shaped channel, I-beam, T-bar shear; angle bending and pipe notching.

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  • panel bender Full SERVO CNC Automatic Bending Center sheet metal processing

    Rongwin panel bender is the new generation automated bending solutions ,a benchmark that indicates the upgrading to automation of sheet metal fabricating industry.It can obviously reduce the labor cost and at the same time it can realize 300% higher.

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  • press machine Rongwin Mini small torsion bar cnc press brake machine

    This 30T1000 Torsion bar CNC small press brake is our new deign of WD67K series cnc press brake machine. The controller is designed in the front of the machine without the arm, which can save more space.

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  • Press Brake WF67K Electro-hydraulic Energy saving CNC press brake machine with One-way Servo pump steel plate brake press

    1. The electro-hydraulic servo system adopts on-demand oil supply mode to reduce overflow and save energy by more than 30%. 2. Heat balance temperature is low, fuel tank capacity is reduced,service life of hydraulic system and components is prolonged. 3. Long interval of oil change,reduce energy waste and reduce user cost. 4. When bending the workpiece of different specification,the speed can be adjusted. 5. High precision,energy saving,environmental protection and efficiency.

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  • Press Brake Servo Electric Small CNC Press Brake Reliable and Efficient

    1. It adopts all-electric servo design precision folding bed, and has a high-rigidity and stable body design. 2. With high-speed back gauge and precision dual-servo motor spindle drive, it can achieve stable processing with high-speed precision. 3. It cangreatly save 60% of the power used, and there is no need to replace the oil and oil pressure valve regularly. 4. There is noproblem of oil temperature change affecting the machining accuracy, which can reduce the influence of thermal effect. 5. It is suitable for rapid production of small samples and stable processing of a large number of high-speed and high-precision. 6. It can be used in multi-stage continuous combined bending processing, which greatly improves production efficiency.

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  • laser cutting machine RWZL Double Drive Closed Type Exchange Table Laser cutting machine

    Equipped with the most advanced international imported fiber laser source which generates powerful laser focused on objects to cause instant melting and evaporation.Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalied mechanic system.This hi-tech machine has condensed the advanced technologies of fiber laser,digital,and precise mechanics.Applicable to fast cutting on plate or tube in metal,mainly for cutting on SS,carbon steel,Manganese steel ,galvanized plate,alloy plate,rare metal.Widely used in kitchen appliance,electric control box,high-resolute device,mechanical equipment,electrical equipment,lighting,posters,auto parts,display equipment,hardware and metal processing.

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